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Printing to Savin copiers-Job Type: Hold or Locked


Choose the printer you want to set with the Hold or Locked and select "Manage"



Click on "Printing preferences" 

Under the "Job Type:" drop down menu select what you want in this example we're choosing "Hold Print"  This option will hold the print job on the printer until you go to the printer and choose the job to release. 


Once you choose "Hold Print" click on the "Details . . ." button



From the "User ID:" drop down menu select "Windows Login Name" this will auto poplulate the "Enter User ID:" field


Would highly recommend giving the print job a "File Name" so that it can be easily identify from the printer's interface.  Also recommend setting a "Set Print Time" 

Click "OK"

and "Apply" or "Print"


From the printer interface choose "Print" from here click on the "Print Jobs" tab then select your User (ID) in this example we will choose "jembers"


Select the print job you want to release and click "Print"

Once you select your print and press print you can define how many copies you want.






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