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New Print Release Station Software


A new look will be coming to the print release stations that will also fix some of the printing problems we have experienced over the past few weeks. This will change the way print jobs are sent from the public computers, and the user experience when releasing their jobs.

The good news is that it's very easy to navigate!

Changes to printing on Public PC's

The print job screen has been updated. It no longer includes their account balance, because that information is on the main information screen when they log in to a PC, and is also on the print release station when they log in.


Important: if a patron tells a document to print 10 copies, it will only send one. This is by design, to minimize the file size and amount of time it takes to send the print jobs. They will choose how many copies to release at the print release station. This is a significant change to the printing process, so please work with patrons to make sure they know how to print multiple copies of their documents.

New look to the Print Release Station

Here is the home screen:


Click on the yellow bar, and it will ask you to log in:


Once logged in, you will see your documents over on the left hand side still.


Selecting them will allow you to preview the jobs, it will show you your account balance, how many pages you have selected to print, and the total cost. From this screen, you also choose how many copies you would like printed (#1) or to delete selected jobs (#2.)


Once you have selected the number of copies you would like (if you want anything more than one copy) click OK


If you choose multiple copies and click OK, it will update from the main screen your print costs.


Once you click Continue, you will be presented with a choice of printer.


After choosing your printer, you will be given a summary page. Clicking on Print will release the jobs and take you back to the main jobs screen. When done, click Finish in the lower left corner.


If you have insufficient funds on your card to cover the cost of printing, you will see the following error message.


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