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Public Copiers


There are three public copiers in the library: Business Center, Team Room and Topeka Room

The Business Center and Topeka Room copiers have color functionality while the one in the Team Room is just black & white.

Advance features on copiers include: scan to USB with the standard copy functions.  Printing from USB and scan to e-mail functions are currently disabled while troubleshooting some configurations to insure there are no privacy issues.

All copiers can copy 8 1/2x 11, 8 1/2x 14, 11x 17

Below you will find screen shots of the user interface for the copiers and its various functions.

All black & white copiers/print jobs are $0.10/page despite the size of paper.

All color copiers/print jobs are $0.50/page despite the size of paper.


default menu 

When the "Copy" button is press a pop menu will display "To use the function below, press either key and follow instructions."  This means nothing to our customers this screen simple means scan you library card which will unlock the interface and allow to make copies.  Users must have money on their card before making copies.

Once the library card with money has been scanned and pin number has been entered it will unlock the screen.  From here customers can select Black & White or Color, change the quantity.


Advance feature: Scan to USB

Press on "Scan to Storage Device"

Insert USB or SD-card into the slots found to the left-side of the screen.

Once the USB is installed two icons will appear on the screen for the USB drive.  Select the USB device by press on the big USB icon on the screen.

This will take you into the folder structure of the USB device.  To preview the scan item before saving it to USB device select "Preview" option and press "Start"

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