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TSYS Merchant Center for Credit Card Transactions


If you get locked out or need to reset your password you need to call 855-882-0507 and they will ask for your username and should be able to assist you with logging in.


You should have received an email with a temporary password from

 Go to  and follow the login prompts.


Once you have logged in you will be sent to this page.  Select the $ icon in the upper left corner.


You will then be sent to the screen where you can enter the customer’s information to take the payment.


Enter the Library account number in Invoice Number box.

Complete the information requested. For transaction type select “authorize and settle” if given an option.

After you submit the payment you will have the opportunity to print or e-mail receipt. 

Here is what you will see once you click on Submit.


Remember to post the payment to the customer’s Polaris account under the Pay icon and not the Waive icon.

Enter the Transaction number in the Comment box when posting the payment on Polaris.


If you are using LEAP the screen will look like the image below.TSYS_Leap.jpg


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