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Email Quarantine Safelists and Blocklists


Ironport Spam Quarantine

To access our Ironport Spam Quarantine, go to and enter your windows username and password.

Configuring Safelist / Blocklist

In the top right-hand corner, click Options > Safelist or Options > Blocklist


You can add individual senders to the blocklist, or even an entire domain

Simply enter the name in the space provided, and click Add to List


Similarly, you can explicitly trust certain users or sites altogether from the Safelist menu

Safeguarding an email from future blocks can also be done from the email quarantine message delivered to your Inbox. Simply find the message that should not be quarantined, check the box next to it, and from the drop down menu choose Release and Add to Safelist

Remove an item from Safe/Block list

If you accidentally add an item, simply log in and click the trash can next to the item

Attached are instructions in PDF.

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