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Outlook - Email Archiving Policy


Email Archives are being added to Outlook!

To lower the demand on our email server, as well as help distribute the load on our storage systems, we will be enabling automatic archiving for all employees.

Your email account will automatically be enabled for archiving, and any items older than one year from receipt will be moved into a mirrored folder in your archive.

If you've previously seen alerts that your email is almost full, this will definitely help! Our current email quotas are 2 GB per person, but the archives are an additional 2 GB of space. This means that you actually have double the amount of space you previously did! Of course, you should continue to delete emails that are no longer relevant, but now you don't have to make a snap decision to delete something that you may later need! For tips on resolving this message, see our other article on "Your mailbox is almost full".

Here is how you will see your new Online Archive. The benefit of this is you can also access your archive from any browser.


outlook-archive.jpg outlook-archive2.jpg

Web browser:


Searching your email

Outlook also makes it easy to search in BOTH locations at once, so you don't have to repeat your searches multiple times.

From your inbox, click in the search box. Before clicking the magnifier or hitting enter, click on "Current Mailbox" and change it to "All Mailboxes." This will search both your main email as well as your archive at the same time for your content.


If you have any questions about accessing your online archive, please drop us a note at

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